Wireless Outdoor beams are linked to voice messages recorded on an indoor speaker unit. If a beam is triggered, the associated message is played on the speaker, stealthily alerting you to intruders on your property.

They won't know that you know! Having real-time information delivered in such a natural way buys you the time you need to react and be safe in your own home. 

Proudly made in South Africa, thousands sold across the world.


Very reliable, customizable security system. I searched all over and eventually settled on this Voice Alert system. It has worked really well for over a year. All of my sensors are outdoors with no cover from the sun or rain and I haven't had to replace a single one.

Ashley G.

I love this. We have one at each entrance to the house too so I sleep better at night knowing that I have a bit of notice if someone is nearby. Also helps when deliveries come. The dog knows it too now and will run to the front door when the driveway one goes off. The price/value is excellent.

Kevin M.

What I love about this system is that it can make custom announcements about what zone has motion and can make those announcements in multiple places. As soon as anyone enters/leaves our driveway they unable to approach our house unannounced.

Brian H.


Wireless Range

Distance from Beam to VoiceAlert can be up to 300m (Line of sight), or 50m indoors

Detection Range

Beams detect 12m in front of them with a 90° field of view

Adjustable Zone Patterns

Limit the detection pattern of your sensors by using supplied pattern adjusters, so that you pick up the bad guy and not the good dog.

Custom Alert Messages

Record your own audio messages for each of 6 zones to alert you when they are triggered. E.g "Front yard" / "Wendy House" / "Pool"

Low Battery Alert

Plays a "Low battery" message to alert you if a sensor is running low on juice.

DIY System Set-Up

If you can Facebook, you can set this up. You've got this. We can help you if you get stuck.

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